Simple Strategies to Increase the Value of Project Management


The purpose of this site is to present simple straightforward strategies so you as a Project Manager can provide better value, lasting change, and in the end over-deliver for your customers whether as a consultant or as an employee.  The intention is that by increasing the value you provide, this should provide you an increased income, though I make no express claims about how much or how soon.  The point is to continually increase your skills and abilities in the field in an incremental way and the benefits should follow.

I have been in project and program management for a quite a few years, across many different industry sectors and business types; in locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Industry sector experience includes: Electrical Utility, Health Care, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Power Management, Beverage Distribution, Consumer Retail, Network Management, Real Estate, Technology Services, Power Engineering, Power Management, Management Consulting, Provincial Government, City Government, Pulp and Paper, Financial, Auto Manufacturing, and Security Systems Support.

Projects and Programs include: Infrastructure Revitalization, Regulatory Commission Strategy, Well-site Monitoring Integration, Energy Management, Business Intelligence, Secure Access Service, Web Site Redesign, Service Coordinator Strategy, Identification and Authorization, Transactional Hub, Business Development, Project Management Office, MIT Sloan Strategy Study, Service Delivery, Web Application Server, Broker Client Tracking, Business and Technology Alignment, Divisional Management, Global Desktop and Messaging, Process Re-engineering, Enterprise Storage, Server Farm System Upgrade, Remote Software Distribution, Thin Client Upgrade, Real-time Process Methodology, Customer and Sales Tracking, Work Order Tracking, Strategic Information Systems, Farm Income Stability, Real-time Data Reporting, Gas Retailer Tracking and Monitoring, Land Developer Fund Management, Foreign Trade Zone, Plant Management System, On-line Receiving, Corporate Desktop Migration & Integration, Corporate Email Migration & Integration, and Network Migration and Integration.

Through all of these industry sectors and projects, some common themes for success emerge and I have often been asked to speak to groups or classes or mentor individuals in regards to Project Management.  My hope is that through these blogs, and audio and video episodes, I can transfer some of the knowledge I have learned along the way and you can stand on my shoulders to deliver greater value, as I have stood on the shoulders of others to do the same.


– Steve