Simple Strategies to Increase the Value of Project Management

Project Management is managing changing

  • Managing change is different than managing a steady state.

  • Projects are about managing change.

  • Change in an organization is taking it from one state to another.

  • Organizations need to change to adapt and grow and improve and be more competitive.

  • When a change is proposed it involves something to be delivered within a time frame with an amount of funds available and moving the organization from one way of doing, behaving or being to another.

  • In a project, deliverables often face scope, time and cost constraints.

  • In a project, schedules are usually constrained by resource availability.

  • In a project there are usually more things to do than funds available.

  • The Project Management role needs to always be balancing what is being delivered, in the time permitted with the funds available; all while leading technical and business teams with strong written, verbal and non-verbal skills.

  • I have managed more than 25 projects for over 30 clients, across many different industry sectors and business types; in locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe; for small firms and large Fortune 500 companies; with budgets from $10K to $50M and with team sizes from 2 (including me) to several hundred.

  • My goal with this site is to informally package and impart what I have learned in managing change to help other project managers take what has worked and apply these simple project management strategies to improve how they deliver and to deliver greater value to their clients.