Why did you choose Project Management?

Why did you choose Project Management?

Project Management opportunities are all around you

Opportunities to manage sets of activities with an expected requirement and content that have to be completed within a certain amount of time for a specific cost come at you every day.  When they come along, grab them.  These are project management opportunities.  If you like managing these three aspects, of scope, time and cost, then you are destined to be a great project manager, and I am excited for you.

In this series we explore why you chose this field, discuss simple strategies that will help you succeed, and ensure that you are bringing out the best of your knowledge and emphasizing why you selected this as your career in the first place.

Small companies may not be as high-profile as some of the Fortune 500 companies, and certainly not as recognizable a brand – but you can learn some very broad and but deep skills because you are close to the customers and the teams. 

As a project manager you will learn to work and play nicely with large outsourcing vendors – you can all work together aggressively and get things done.  You will realize that you can move aggressively and drive agendas on projects and still build respect and trust.

Remember why you chose this

The important thing to remember is why did you choose the  project management field?  Was it leadership, managing money, managing time?  Understand what interested you, what intrigued you and come back to that to keep your enthusiasm fresh.