Simple Strategies to Increase the Value of Project Management


The purpose of this site is to present simple straightforward strategies to improve the value that project management provides.

Project Management:

  • Project Management is about control for what is being delivered with the funds available and in the time available.

  • Project Management is about helping clients be aware of what is being delivered for how much and by when is changing because the priorities of what is possible can be shifting constantly during a project.

  • Project Management is about controlling the change that is implemented in an organization.

  • Projects bring change. Managing change is different than managing operations.

  • Sometimes the mindset needed to manage change is different than the mindset needed to manage something in a steady-state, in an operational state.

  • I have been in project and program management for a quite a few years, across many different industry sectors and business types; in locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe, for projects ranging in size from $10K to $44M, from 2 people to over 200, and what I have learned is that whoever is paying needs to be aware of what they are getting and when and how that could be changing over the weeks and months of the project.